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Waterproofing Is Essential for Any Roof

At AJF Roofing, we understand that your roof is the most vital part of your home or business's structure. By waterproofing your roof, you can protect your home or business from leaks, mold, and other water-related issues. 

There are several benefits to waterproofing your roof, including: 

  • Eliminate Mold Growth
  • Protect Against UV Rays
  • Increased Fire Resistance
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof


Sealing your roof includes caulking imperfections to help smoothly coat the roof.


Coating your roof is when we bond our waterproofing material to your roof to protect against the elements.

Our Roofing Guarantee

We treat every customer like our family member protecting you, your home, and your family. Each project is supervised in detail from the beginning to the end. We use the Best and Highest Quality Roofing Products. We pride ourselves in exceptional residential roofing for South Florida homeowners.

Types of Waterproofing

Roof sealants and coatings come in many different types and each has its specific protection against the elements on different roof surfaces. 


Silicone coatings are one of the most popular sealants because of their durability, ease of application, and affordability. Silicone coatings can be easily applied to most roofs.

Asphalt Base

Asphalt-based coatings can fill cracks in your roof and flash. Designed for bitumen and asphalt-based roofs, with a much shorter lifespan than other coatings.


Polyurethane is ideal for commercial roof surfaces, modified bitumen, and smooth BUR among other roof types. This coating is ideal for places with harsh weather conditions.


Acrylic sealants are water-based making them environmentally friendly. It can be applied to a wide range of roof types and is best in warm, dry climates.

Waterproofing Roofing Solutions

AJF Roofing provides a multitude of residential and commercial roofing services. When choosing a company for your roofing, you want someone who is knowledgeable in all areas of your project and can provide all the services you need at the right prices. AJF Roofing is just the place!

Residential waterproofing can be very beneficial for homeowners. AJF Roofing provides waterproofing for your home with several colors and material options to choose from. 

Commercial waterproofing is one of the most long-lasting roofing solutions for your business. Protect the structure of your business for years to come by waterproofing!

Call us today at (305) 456-8006 to get your free Residential or Commerical Waterproofing Inspection! 

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